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About Wocopa Trade

Wocopa Trade platform is a privileged platform offered by Wocopa for its trade network developed in more than 100 countries. In this network, only representatives, solution partners and their networkers and the buyers and sellers that they refer can become members.

How to Become a Member of Wocopa Trade Platform?

It is possible to become a member of the Wocopa Trade platform only with a special invitation that can be sent by representatives,solution partners, networkers, or members.

Why Only Referred Members Are Accepted?

The objective of Wocopa Trade platform is to rebuild the trust factor that has decreased despite the increasing trade volume in the increasingly globalized world. To provide the factor of trust and realize a healthy trade ecosystem, Wocopa invites only reliable business partners into this ecosystem. Platform members will also be able to buy or sell transactions with the confidence of Wocopa Trade.

In Which Areas Can You Buy and Sell on the Wocopa Trade Platform?

There is no line of business restrictions on the Wocopa Trade platform. Business lines will be completely shaped according to the purchase or sale demands of the members.

How Wocopa Trade Works?

On the Wocopa Trade platform, you can be a buyer-seller or both buyer and seller at the same time. All opportunities are open to all members and can be viewed through the Wocopa Trade platform. However, the system works differently depending on whether you are a bid-based buyer or seller.

If you are a buyer and want to give an offer:

1- On the Wocopa Trade platform, you can give your offer for a product that you see there through the system.

2- In the system, you can also see the prices given for the product by other buyers.

3- When you want to ask something to the seller, you can wright there. However, according to the rules of Wocopa Trade, the seller can see your question after it is approved by the qualified personnel of the Wocopa Trade platform

4- After the seller agrees on the terms and price, the qualified personnel of Wocopa Trade platform bring you together with the seller and ensure that your trade takes place.

5- Wocopa Trade is your guarantor for your trade.

If you are a seller and want to upload products to the system:


1- You fill out your product information in the format sent to you by Wocopa Trade,

2- The qualified personnel of Wocopa Trade upload your product to the platform and make it visible to all members,

3- You have the authority to evaluate and approve the offers given by platform members,

4- The qualified personnel of Wocopa Trade brings you together with the buyer whom you approve to complete your trade.  

Is Wocopa Trade Platform Membership Free?

It is completely free to Wocopa Trade platform representatives, solution partners, and networkers. They can see all the opportunities available on this platform. On the other hand, all new participants who will become new members with reference to the system must take the “International Trade and Consultancy Training” prepared by Wocopa Academy. Our main goal here is to ensure that all our members on the platform are distinguished and knowledgeable people in the field of international trade and investment.

Does the Platform Receive Commissions for Trades Made on the Wocopa Trade Platform?

Yes, depending on the size and content of the trade, a commission of 3-10% is taken from the trades made. The commission rate is determined with Wocopa Trade qualified personnel before the products are loaded and poured into the contract. Wocopa Trade Platform receives a commission not only because it provides trust between the buyer and the seller but also because it is a guarantor, and because it finds customers or suppliers for its members at minimum cost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable its members to trade with minimum cost and maximum benefit by increasing the element of trust in international trade.

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